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You can’t expect everyone to want to come in and kiss some crusty old man ass

April 26, 2009
Image by Rooby Dooby via Flickr

I have been writing about the medical community a lot lately, and the quote in the title is from a young female physician who started working with a manged healthcare group and was harassed by the older and male specialists.  She told the administration that just because she was starting to work as a female physician didn’t mean that part of her job description included “kissing crusty old man ass.”

That seems to be coming out a lot lately, and in fact, my young female professioanl friends and I have a term for it:  The 50 Year Old (and older) White Guy Club Syndrome.  Apparently we are supposed to kiss old man butt if we want to get anywhere, and it’s disconcerting to hear the admin state that we should.  Of course, I guess the college profs are getting hammered too.  Just check out the Bowdoin College and McNEaly posts.  But really, at what point would a professional in his or her own right want to bow down to authority figures simply because of their age or position?

Part of the problem with training professionally is that when people graduate, they tend to believe that they can work in their given field.  What impertinence?  What, no ass kissing today?  Well, I don’t think kissing crusty old man ass should be a necessity for a young female physician, do you?  I like the photo above much better.

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