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Bristol Palin on teenage pregnancy: Do as I say, not as I do

May 6, 2009
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I had this neat post all summed up, after watching an ABC news article about Bristol Palin’s talk on how to avoid teenage pregnancy:  abstinence, which didn’t work for her, but everyone else should try it.  I lost it, the whole post, the whole bit about how even teenagers vaginas should be their own, and not a part of their mother’s political agenda.  Because, really, who wants to grow up as the kid who was his mother’s mistake during his grandmother’s presidential campaign?  Why would Candies, the shoe manufacturer, be involved in “preventing teenage pregnancy” using lectures–why not distribute free birth control?

Other countries in the UK distribute free birth control. 

Other countries distribute the Pill without a visit to the doctor, and why not, because how many teenagers are going to be lectured to or have their penis and vaginas probed BEFORE having sex in order to prevent a pregnancy which they think they can prevent on their own?

Isn’t that  a no-brainer?  Why would teenagers want to go have adults stick things in their genitalia to get birth control?  Isn’t that just another way that adults are showing control over a teenager’s sexual decisions? Really, the adults show no common sense here.

I feel sorry for Poor Bristol Palin, because it seems her vagina has now become the pawn in The Britney Spears of the Republican Party’s (a.k.a. Sarah Palin) campaign.  Why put her daughters genitalia out for international media consideration during her run for presidential candidancy?  Oh wait, she is showing how to be a loving and supportive parent, right?  Feminists can’t support Sarah Palin, for many reasons, but among them, her inability to let go of her adult daughter’s vaginal adventures , or misadventures depending on how you view them.

What do I think Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin should say about teenage pregnancy?  The same thing I think they should have said in the beginning:  nothing.  Whatever experience Bristol Palin gets in her adventure into her newfound sexuality, it should be her own, not her mother’s, nor anyone else’s.

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