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Recovering from Autism: hoax or a real possibility?

May 12, 2009
Major brain structures implicated in autism.
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Just as the world diagnoses autism as an epidemic, the next week, there is a group of researchers saying that recovery from autism is possible.  Some researchers say that they have seen autistic children recover, after having intensive interventions totaling 30 to 40 hours per week.  Is it possible?  Debate is still intense in the field of autism research, but parents of children with autism are always looking for a reason to hope.

Just as some are always looking for hope, the researcher states that it is unlikely that children will recover from autism:

Previous studies have suggested between 3 percent and 25 percent of autistic kids recover. Fein says her studies have shown the range is 10 percent to 20 percent.

But even after lots of therapy — often carefully designed educational and social activities with rewards — most autistic children remain autistic.

Recovery is “not a realistic expectation for the majority of kids,” but parents should know it can happen, Fein said.

Doubters say “either they really weren’t autistic to begin with … or they’re still socially odd and obsessive, but they don’t exactly meet criteria” for autism, she said.

Well, the dream was short-lived, but for many parents, this may be enough.  What do I really think?  I think that financial motivators play a huge part in this “recovery” phenomenon, because the next person who has a cure to autism will be rich in the state of an “epidemic.”  If you get rich off the recovery, is it really a recovery or is it an advertisement?

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