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What Planet is US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on when he says economy is “healing”?

May 13, 2009
Timothy F.
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Timothy Geithner, US Treasury Secretary proves he’s an alien from another planet with his announcement today that the US economy may be healing:

“The financial system is starting to heal,” he said.

“Concern about systemic risk has diminished. And overall lending conditions have started to improve.”

Hmm, apparently Geithner didn’t really read his morning newspaper that says that half a million jobs were just lost and retail sales took a nosedive.  Foolishly, analysts keep being “surprised” by retail sales dropping, but it doesn’t take an economist to realize that people stop buying things when they lose their jobs and money.  Gosh, it really takes government payroll to be “surprised” by these findings? Cause none of the rest of us are “surprised” by this information, nor would we say that the economy is “healing” due to government help.

Housing foreclosures have gone up.  Bankruptcies have gone up.  Crime and homicides, not to mention suicides have gone up, and Geithner says things are “healing”? Obama, here’s another botch in your cabinet picks.  You got the Village Idiot with Geithner.  Obama, when can you admit your mistake and pick someone else to do this job, preferably not someone in the White Guy Club, someone for whom fighting for their jobs is a reality.

If the big bank bail-out were doing such wonders, why is everyone threatening to turn consumers into collection?  Timothy Geithner, you have just received the Asshole Business Award of the Week.

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