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Circumcision from the man’s perspective

May 19, 2009
An Algerian boy screams while a doctor circumc...
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My post on circumcision has received almost as many hits as my article on the Adjunct Pay Divide, which is to say circumcision is the 2nd most popular topic being read on my blog.  Here is a sample of the types of responses I have received on the topic of circumcision, from a man’s perspective:

Noodlemaz said 2 weeks ago:

Thank you for writing this article.

You might like to note that the risk of UTIs is actually increased with circumcision; which probably makes complete sense to you after seeing your poor baby brother in that state. It’s completely unnatural and does not offer this extra ‘protection’ people seem to think it does.

The US medical system is unbelievable to still be offering this to parents for no reason. Very few men will ever need a circumcision and hey, if they do, that’s fine! But cutting babies left, right and centre out of some crazy ignorant fear that so many parents seem to have is simply sickening. Who treats something with surgery when antibiotics + 10 seconds when showering does the trick?

Here (UK), very few men are circumcised. I understand why now in ‘adult films’ the sex is so unlike what I have had with lovers and I am so grateful not to have experienced the painful kind of sex you speak of; I’ve had enough bad experiences with sex toy design (modelled on the circumcised penis with greatly exaggerated coronal ridge – pain!!).

I hope your message gets through to some parents; even if you save one child from this you can be proud.

In going through postings on the web, I have found lots of articles with differing opinions regarding male circumcision as a religious practice, with some stating that both religions circumcise to honor holy men, to others stating less honorable reasons such as cultural appeal for circumcision.  While there are some who would argue that a penis is harder to clean if it is uncircumcised, or that STD rate of infection goes up or down with the foreskin, there is no such thing as completely safe and sterile sex, no matter the condition of the foreskin.  I am wondering more and more why circumcision is legal for men or women.

Circumcision supposedly helps protect men from STD infection, but it sure doesn’t do anything for women’s protection.  Add in the factor of men needing to push harder to get sensation, and it’s sounding less and less like a sound medical practice. In all of these photos of circumcision, whether for a boy or girl, the adults manually hold down the child for the “medical assault” upon the child’s genitalia, and every child is screaming.  Is this not a form of medical sexual assault?  Do children have the right to have intact genitalia?  We prosecute parents who touch a child’s genitalia for sexual purposes, but we still allow parents to cut their child’s genitals or allow others to?

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  1. Caroline permalink
    May 20, 2009 3:20 am

    Right on. Thank you for speaking up.

  2. Enith permalink
    May 20, 2009 5:12 am

    “”We prosecute parents who touch a child’s genitalia for sexual purposes, but we still allow parents to cut their child’s genitals or allow others to?””


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