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Another School Principal–Craig Jessop–is being asked to apologize after telling a student that his kilt looked like “cross-dressing”

May 20, 2009
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Here we go again with these school principals.  Man, do they only hire the stupid people to be principals in some of these schools?  I know that there are some good principals out there, but there are others who seem to find human rights and the ACLU issues to be foreign topics.  Don’t these principals read?

Craig Jessop, whom Yahoo states is a former Mormon choir director, is being pushed to apologize to a student who wore a kilt and was forced to change his attire based on Jessop’s description of it being seen as cross dressing.   Nope, I’m not making this shit up.   Lovely, so now even a school principal doesn’t have to know what a kilt is and can punish a student for wearing one?  Out in Utah, apparently the principal’s supposition that a student is cross-dressing requires the kid to go home and change.

Jeez, and the scary thing is that these principals head back to the schools no matter what their mistakes are with the kids–check out Vice Principal Kerry Wilson, ordering a young girl to be strip-searched over ibuprofen.  Is it me or are these guys WAY too involved in their students’ bodies?

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