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Retiring Women will take the financial hit again in their 50’s for bearing our nation’s kids in the 60’s

May 21, 2009

Women who are retiring now will take another paycheck hit during retirement, in addition to t

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he one they took when they had unpaid maternity leave back when they had kids between 1969-1976.  AT&T won’t give them their due, even after their due dates cost them money, because AT&T says that the laws aren’t retroactive.   So, in addition to women earning less money than men at AT&T, the women also get hit in their retirement accounts because they had pregnancies before the law made it illegal to discriminate against pregnant mothers.   Don’t AT&T execs have mothers?  Apparently the mothers gave birth to the future generations of AT&T execs and Supreme Court Justices when pregnancy and the spawn were considered disabilities.  Looks like disability was the correct term for these guys making the decisions about pension plans, because it sounds like they don’t have a brain in their heads:

Women who took maternity leave before it became illegal to discriminate against pregnant women can’t sue to get their leave time to count for their pensions, the Supreme Court ruled Monday.

The high court overturned a lower court decision that said decades-old maternity leaves should count in determining pensions.

Four AT&T Corp. employees who took maternity leave between 1968 and 1976 sued the company to get their leave time credited toward their pensions. Their pregnancies occurred before the 1979 Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which barred companies from treating pregnancy leaves differently from other disability leaves.

Yup, gave birth to the mentally disabled Supreme Court Justices and the AT&T executives and their attorneys:

AT&T lawyers said their pension plan was legal when the women took pregnancy leave, so they shouldn’t have to recalculate their retirement benefits now. Congress did not make the Pregnancy Discrimination Act retroactive, they said, so the women should not get any extra money.

Not surprisingly, the female justices dissented, but in true Old White Man Club style, it didn’t count for much:

A seniority system does not necessarily violate the statute when it gives current effect to such rules that operated before the PDA,” wrote Justice David Souter, who will retire next month.

Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer dissented. By making it illegal to discriminate against women on pregnancy leave, “Congress intended no continuing reduction of women’s compensation, pension benefits included, attributable to their placement on pregnancy leave,” Ginsburg said.

The decision could affect thousands of women who took pregnancy leaves decades ago and now are headed toward retirement.

Maybe retiring Justice Souter would give money to the account his mother might have had to make up for it, or could we just deduct the pregnancy-loss wages his mother might have had from his retirement?  So the women that bore them get no respect?  Or is it that the female Supreme Court Justices, as peers of the Old White Men’s Club Justices get no respect?  Seems like both to me.

Perhaps Barack Obama, who by his birth can’t belong to such a club might be willing to help out:

Lawyers for the four women argued that each reduced retirement check that they receive is “a fresh act of discrimination.”

The Supreme Court in 2007 did not accept that argument from Lilly Ledbetter, who sued her company for discrimination after finding out after almost two decades that she made less than her male peers. The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 vote in May 2007, threw out her complaint, saying she had failed to sue within the 180-day deadline after a discriminatory pay decision was made.

The first bill signed into law by President Barack Obama reversed that decision by saying each new discriminatory paycheck would extend the statute of limitations for an additional 180 days.

The case is AT&T Corp. v. Hulteen, 07-5

Seems like these women need it.  Barack hasn’t been openly supportive of his own mother, much less his wife as the mother of his children (read the recent reports where she talks about how she has had to get the support from others that she couldn’t get from her husband, begins to sound like the women in a bad marriage who stick it out for the money or fame, but then again, you could always just look at the fact that her mother moved into the White House to help take care of the kids), but perhaps even Barack’s inherent chauvinism will abate enough for him to see the folly of this situation.

Women:  why have kids if you will have to pay for it all the time?  Seems to me the simplest thing to do is just get rid of the fertility aspect and leave the childbearing and raising to the men, because otherwise we women will be stuck with the bill every time.

AT&T Executives and AT&T Attorneys, you  have proudly been awarded the ASSHOLE BUSINESS AWARD OF THE WEEK.

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