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CEO Popular Perks Include Use of the Company Jet

May 22, 2009
Chairman, President and CEO, IBM Corporation, ...
Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

Back when using the company jet seemed the best way to travel (remember that was before GM CEO Rick Wagoner showed up to ask for government money in a jet rather than his own company’s mode of transportation:  a car) the idea of using a corporate jet to, well, jet around seemed commonplace.  In this current economy, using the corporate jet seems downright frivolous, sloppy, disprespectful even to the shareholders of many large companies.  Has it stopped them?  Apparently not.  Check the list below to find the names of the offenders recently published:

Hmm, how come I drive an 8-year old vehicle, pay almost $3/gallon for gas, and these clowns get the use of jets worth a quarter of a million dollars?

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