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Swimming in Round-Up: Didn’t you know that they spray lakes here in MI?

May 28, 2009
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Well, in  another sign that Michigan is woefully behind the times, I read an article in the newspaper last night that listed the details of landowners and State of MI plans to spray our inland lakes with herbicides.  Nothing like swimming in some Round-Up to do wonders for the body!  Even though herbicides kill marine animals and fish, and even though they cause cancer in humans, the people around the lakes want them cleared of weeds in order to have “better swimming.”

Have you heard of anything more stupid?

Congratulations Sprayers, you win the Asshole of the Week award for that one.

It’s not enough to have multiple studies out there that detail the deaths and cancers in people from these chemicals, but now they infect all our waterways because they want less weeds in a lake?  That’s like saying they want less water in a swamp (but people do and harm the environment by draining them).  But spraying herbicides into water poisons us all.

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