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Campaign Contributions in MI are Dominated by Medical Groups

June 8, 2009

Remember last post I said I was going to go look at campaign contributions?  Well, here is the startling news:

Michigan campaign funds are dominated by Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI, listed #45 out of 150 donor groups for givine $187,732 to campaigs, the top of the list from what I saw.  Here is a little snapshot of campaign funding in MI below:

JDC Genesee Fund (John Cherry)

  • Top Contributors Amount
  • United Auto Workers / UAW MI Voluntary PAC $ 13,600
  • Auto Dealers of Michigan PAC 10,500
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MI / BCBSM PAC 10,000
  • DTE Energy Co. PAC 10,000
  • Jeff Wright 2000 10,000
  • MI Health & Hospital Assn. / Health PAC 10,000
  • MI Infrastructure & Transportaion PAC / MITA PAC 10,000
  • MI Manufactured Housing RV & Campground Assn. PAC 10,000
  • Miller Canfield PAC 10,000
  • MI Regional Council of Carpenters PAC 9,300

This JDC fund is the top contributor to Jennifer Granholm‘s campaign, and she is still with the UAW and the health care industry.  No surprises, there, but the numbers are still sad.

Check out though, the Green Team’s funding:

(Kevin) Green Team Majority Fund
Top Contributors Amount

Hmm, almost all of these funds are from medical groups!  And we wonder why all the legislation supports the medical groups at the expense of individual rights and freedoms!

What’s more compelling is the number of legislators that had medical funding groups listed as top campaign contributors:


The medical associations have a monopoly on the legislators, with some legislators receiving campaign contributions from both Blue Cross Blue Shield and the Michigan State Medical Society of Doctors.

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