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Were Michigan Senators put into office by medical groups?

June 8, 2009
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Top Campaign Contributors for Michigan Senators 2008

Contributor Total Contributions /Recipient Senators/ Average Contribution

  1. Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MI / BCBSM PAC $ 95,675 /  34/$ 2,814
  2. MI Beer & Wine Wholesalers Assn. PAC 76,257 /26/ 2,933
  3. Auto Dealers of Michigan PAC 62,070/ 34/ 1,826
  4. DTE Energy Co. PAC 60,030 /35/ 1,715
  5. MI Assn. of Health Plans PAC / MAHP PAC 53,582/ 29 /1,848
  6. MI Bankers Assn. PAC / MI BANK PAC 53,180/ 36 /1,477
  7. MI Assn. of Realtors / REALTORS PAC 48,050/ 30/ 1,602
  8. MI Health & Hospital Assn. / Health PAC 43,550/ 29/ 1,502
  9. CMS Energy Employees for Better Government 34,325/ 32/ 1,073
  10. Meijer PAC 26,700/ 15/ 1,780

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that even the auto industry has been edged out of Michigan’s pet industries as the medical industry dominates campaign contributions for Michigan senators.  That means that in 2008, Medical industry groups donated $194,00 to senatorial campaigns alone, making them the single largest industry campaign contributor in the entire state.

It’s also a logical conclusion that the legislation Michigan enacted to prevent the injured patients from filing a lawsuit unless they have the money to pay a doctor who allows them to file was heavily biased by campaign financing.

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