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Will Iran’s leader be voted out by lovers?

June 11, 2009
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad 2
Image by Daniella Zalcman via Flickr

In a twist of fate that most Iranians would not consider possible, the President of Iran may be taken out of office when all the disaffected lovers in the country go to the polls.  It appears that because of government projects that caused inflation in the real estate markets, young couples can not marry, buy homes and start their own families.  Lest we underestimate the force of the young people in this country, we must remember that those who want to marry comprise 35% of the population in Iran.  And, they’re angry.

Iran is a country governed by fundamentalist religious leaders, and premarital sex is not on the menu, and neither is marriage apparently.  How much will a lack of romance affect the Iranians?  Well, we will find out when the elections results are in, but so far the disaffected youth are making their anger known about the lack of future in front of them.  In a culture that values marriage, why wouldn’t the government support its youth that way?

Personally, I am not an avid supporter of the whole “marriage will make you happy” belief because I have spent way too much time around couples who have become enraged and bitter.  Many people do find marriage to be a happy social group, but just as many people are disenchanted with the idea.   So, while I am not about to tell people to rush off and get married, I do find it amusing that the only way to have sex “legally” in Iran is through marriage, but no one can get married.  Since sex is one of the most motivating of our biological forces, up there with finding food and shelter, both of which have also gotten exorbitantly out of reach for young Iranians, this next election cycle should be something to watch.  I wouldn’t discount the youth of Iran, because every year our youth become adults.  Children grow up, and now that they are, it will be interesting to see which direction they will take.

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