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BPA has cancer links, so why won’t the FDA push to remove it fromUS packaging?

June 17, 2009

Hey FDA, why wait to label BPA harmful, even though you know this ruling will be inevitable?  I have just recently reported the links of EWG(Environmental Working Group)’s assertion that the Coca-Cola and Dole’s company (among others) are trying to downplay the effects of BPA, because they don’t want to pay extra to remodel manufacturing policies to remove it.  Now, there is further evidence from the Environmental Protection Group that BPA’s are harmful, but not many people want to listen:

Studies presented at the group’s annual meeting show BPA can affect the hearts of women, can permanently damage the DNA of mice, and appear to be pouring into the human body from a variety of unknown sources.

BPA, used to stiffen plastic bottles, line cans and make smooth paper receipts, belongs to a broad class of compounds called endocrine disruptors.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is examining their safety but there has not been much evidence to show that they are any threat to human health.

“We present evidence that endocrine disruptors do have effects on male and female development, prostate cancer, thyroid disease, cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Robert Carey of the University of Virginia, who is president of the Endocrine Society, told a news conference.

I shook when I read about the thyroid disease, because thyroid disease has severely impacted my family, caused me to lose a baby (that’s how I was diagnosed, by miscarrying our second child), and has severely impacted everyone in our family, even down to the family dog.

Endocrine disruptors have also affected our family, from causing endometriosis to low sperm counts, to menstrual issues and prostate problems.  When we start having so much chemical input from the environment, our reproductive organs will be affected, and for us, with tragic results.

I avoid BPA whenever possible, and I will pay extra for a can that doesn’t contain BPA–no amount of money will bring back my baby or my thyroid, but I wouldn’t take the chance with any other members of my family.

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