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Opt out of the government database, if you choose…

June 17, 2009
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In a move sounding surprisingly like a reprisal of the Bush Admin policies, the NAIS government database is trying to track all farm animals and hides the “opt out” option from people.  Many farmers and people had no idea that they could opt out of the NAIS database. If you don’t want to register every single animal you have, then here are the instructions below to help you opt out of the National Animal Identification System:

NAIS is voluntary and you don’t have to be in it and in fact, some people have been put in without their permission. Unless you LIKE the government being able to violate your constitutional rights, withdraw if you’re enrolled. It is, again VOLUNTARY and even though push-button bureaucrats like Tom Vilsack want to try to make it mandatory, people don’t WANT it, and are fighting it. You can fight too by getting out if you’re in by default or trickery. Call your state USDA office and ask if you are signed up. It is easy to find out. (Info from Somervell County Salon, Glen Rose, Texas.)

Step 1. Google for NAIS (National Animal Identification System) or click on this link which goes to the USDA.

Step 2. There is a link called “Register Your Premises Today”. Gee, where’s the GET ME OUT OF THIS BIG BROTHER PROGRAM? Well, you have to click on the Register Your Premises Link because it’s buried under there.

Step 3: Click on State Administrators. “Contact your State or Tribal NAIS Administrator”

Step 4: Find your State, either through the drop down box or scroll down the page. Copy and save the name and address and all contact information about your state NAIS administrator. Is there anything on the web there that lets you get out? Nope. But you’re going to

Step 5: Write a letter to your State NAIS administrator and ask him or her to remove you permanently remove your name and property from the STATE AND the Federal NAIS registers. Ask him to send you a copy of his letter to the USDA and to notify you immediately when your name and property have been removed. Copy your letter and send a copy to your state representatives, your congressman and both senators and be sure and put the CC information on your letter to the State NAIS administrator. Make a copy of the letter for yourself. Send the letter to the state NAIS administrator by certified mail and keep a copy of your receipt.

Step 6: Keep a log of all your activity and requests of the NAIS Administrator. After 2 weeks of sending the certified letter (and getting back the receipt thus showing that he or she picked it up from the post office), call the state NAIS office (which you have from the contact information, above) and ask if the letter has been forwarded to the USDA and when that was done. Write down on your log the date and conversation and a note about it. As the video says “Be diplomatic, but diligent”. If you don’t get a reply back within another week, call up again. Be persistent until you get back a written reply that you and your property have been removed.

I do think it’s a good idea, in concept to track where animals are going, but in policy, it’s a violation of privacy to track every single animal in the US.  Should mega farms be made to cooperate:  sure, as they represent a large industry.  If someone wants to have a dog and call it a farm dog, then the NAIS goals are a fool’s errand.  So, while I think that methods need to be enacted to control animal-spread diseases, I also think that information is freedom, so here you go…
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