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When I Grow Up | Pussycat Dolls | Stripper Choreography and Justin Timberlake STD style

June 29, 2009
LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 07:  Members of Th...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Okay does this look like a trashy cross between Justin Timberlake‘s alleged infection status and a stripper bar in traffic? yeah, I kind of thought so too. This Monday is starting off kind of weird anyway. I usually start Monday off with music and try to end the week with my Asshole Business Awards, but perhaps I could start the week by featuring the production designer of this video in the Asshole Business Awards of the week category. Talk about making women look harsh, possibly infectious and a little too thin.  After all, everyone knows that the real way to define strong and empowered women is to feature them thrusting their scantily clad breasts at the camera while they glare as though this somehow indicates their true strength and physical abilities, not to mention the enticing aroma of their spiritual state.  I hate it when women attempt to look sexy by posing with a look of killer constipation.  Geez, why not just hit a guy if they’re that pissed off?  Seems to work well for other female artists, but apparently the men were in charge of this objectifying video, because all the women do is posture, stick out their breasts and hips rather convulsively and look like pissed off “professionals”  stuck in a bizarre metro traffic/construction jam.   I like the beat, but I can’t get past the weird stripper look. Yes, I can safely say that I think every girl hopes she too can grow up to be a stripper in mid-town traffic in the music biz. Congrats, Pussycat Dolls–I think you hit on every one of our female fantasies. What does it say though that this is supposedly what you wanted?

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