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Fired Adjunct Given Job Back: More Problems with Colleges

July 9, 2009
Edmonds Community College
Image by djwudi via Flickr

In Washington State, one adjunct found restitution in the courts after she lost her adjunct position just as she became head of the union at Edmonds Community College. The labor board sided with the adjunct when she stated that she lost her job due to her union affiliation, and the college had to give Margaret West her job back, plus refund back pay.  This doesn’t happen often, so it’s worth reporting when it does.

It seems to follow the trend of firing adjuncts or instructors when said employees may pose a perceived threat to the administration.  Here is the updated list of colleges with firing/non-renewal disputes:

  1. Edmonds College
  2. Stillman College
  3. Bowdoin College
  4. Edison College

In the case of the adjunct, Margaret West, the law was on her side, but it seems that for whatever reasons, the college failed to understand this.  I see a trend with small colleges occurring here, which should make other adjuncts leery, but it may just be me.

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