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True Blood Book Adaptation Sucks

July 24, 2009
true blood withdrawal Day 59 | 365
Image by Crys Nic via Flickr

I’ve just watched most of the first season of True Blood, and it’s the worst male self indulgence of gore fest and senseless abuse toward even less likable female characters adaptation of a book series that I’ve seen.  It’s apparent from the first that the whole personnel involved in the adaptation writing and orchestration are men, as the story moves from a woman’s finding her sexuality and trying to manage that as she moves through her life’s tribulations toward the same old same old story of a “good man gone bad because of a woman.”

I had some trouble getting the DVD’s to work, but I persevered mainly because I liked Charlaine Harris’ tale of a strong female protagonist who overcomes adversity, kicks some ass, and has some great sex.  The books offer a distinct Southern cultural critique as well, maybe race relations in the form of the relationships and bias against anything but the white status quo.  In the HBO adaptation of the first book, Dead Until Dark, the characters Sookie (who is whiny and seemingly self-absorbed), Bill (who is dark and brooding and any woman can see is way too into his own drama), Eric (the blonde vampire who has no redeeming likable qualities aside from enjoying torturing women, and who doesn’t love a character like that), Tara (who plays the angry black woman with no emotional depth), and Jason (the frat boy stupid equivalent of a man’s story about getting caught by a bad woman and ending up dumber than he started with) all seem to be caught up in these weird parallel universes where they offer up unrealistic diaglogue and sex scenes that while entertaining are hardly sexy in and of themselves.

It was disappointing and the time spent wasn’t equal to the technical issues I had with the DVD player.  I liked Lafayette and the Gran character, because they were the only ones who had any warmth to them.  It appears that all humans are just biased pigs and all vampires are the devil, even if their tv station says they are not, so really, is there any plot after that?  Besides, the focus of the story has shifted to the continually high brother whose angst seems unrelieved and way too whiny to be real, as opposed to a strong woman who seems to seduce men and vampires alike into amusing sexual interludes.  Really, what women want amusing sexual interludes with a dick that doesn’t require clean-up, can’t give STD’s, won’t get you pregnant, and goes to sleep like the dead during the daytime leaving you to get on with your own life?  Sounds like heaven to lots of women:  too bad HBO male writers never figured that out.  But, then again, it seems the HBO adapation is just another glorified example of the black widow woman and the long -suffering man, just in this case I would hope to God the man dies just so I don’t have to put up with the self-indulgence on his part anymore.

Well, guess you can tell I wasn’t impressed.  Too bad Charlaine  Harris didn’t have as much to do with screen writing as with the books, because Pam would be cute instead of goth, Eric would be a Fabio look alike that had a sense of humor, and Sookie might be a likable character with her brother on the side to just show a little piece of ass.

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