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Teenage Pregnancies and Rates of STD’s Rise: Not Much Safety for the American teenager

July 28, 2009
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According to a recent news article, only 1 in 3 teenagers have had education in methods of preventing the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases and methods of birth control.  This statistic, along with a the rates of sexual assaults on minors, a rate also 1 in 3, (1 in 3 sexual assaults reported in emergency rooms were committed upon children ages 10-14), provides  bleak picture of the safety of the Female American Teenager.

Take a look at the ad here, and you will see that the women bear the brunt of the battle of the sexes diaglogue about sexuality.  This poster was put out by the US Government, and it looks as if only prostitutes have STD’s.  No mention is made of this transmission to other women by men.  I just find this poster emblematic of the discrepancy between society’s views of female and male sexuality.

For all American teenagers, we need to provide free birth control, open discussions regarding STD’s, safe sexuality, and s howing respect for one’s partner in all matters:  reproduction, choices, honesty, and responsibility.

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