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Alex on Seattle Sportsnet is a Dickwad and Moron According to My Post

August 12, 2009

I went to see how a reader had been referred to my page from a sports page, not too surprising since the Erin Andrews scandal broke.  I was rather disturbed by the writer, Alex’s, take on the Erin Andrews scandal, which basically amounts to the fact that he thinks that she only got the job based on her tits and ass anyway.  According to this wonderful mind sage of man, Erin Andrews and other women only get to keep their jobs because of their looks, and if they were “WalMart clerks” no one would care if the women had nude photos of them posted on-line.  In so many ways this is disturbing.

I suppose I should have been somewhat thrilled that a man, oh thank God any man, had noticed pathetic little me (writing about morons like him) and given thanks that I am not an ugly woman, because according to Alex, Ithat means no one will care about me or hire me.  I should have been further flattered that Seattle SportsNet referred a reader to me, to hear my poor little small town views on the whole ideas of the cultural warfare that I tend to espouse.  However, I was less than flattered, if you can imagine.  My typing is a tad scattered, as you can read below, because I have to wear my brace, but read on Dear Reader for I mention the word dickwad on Seattle SportsNet.  I can only hope to be censored.

Unasked Advice said

August 12, 2009 at 1:43 pm

Actually, any woman whether she’s a “Wal-Mart clerk” or Erin Andrews cares when her privacy has been violated. I don’t think we blame the system when one individual pervert took the video and put it on the internet–we blame the pervert. We can blame the system when we talk about how lots of people can see someone naked through the internet, but even a “Wal-Mart clerk,” hot or not would be upset. Women tend to think that perverted men who take pictures of them and then sell them deserve to be prosecuted. Most citizens don’t hear about it not because it’s unimportant but because it’s a criminal matter and that usually provides the woman some level of protection. A system may create an abuser, but that doesn’t mean the abuser isn’t at fault. And don’t start about only “hot women” getting hassled, as you so eloquently put it, because sexual abuse isn’t about being hot or not; even women that I am sure you would consider ugly have been sexually humiliated. Hotness isn’t the factor here–men and some women look at any level of nakedness. Men tend to do that more than women, whether or not a woman is “hot,” usually has nothing to do with it–it’s all about access. In this case, access was given by a pervert, but it wasn’t consensual sexual access and is therefore an assault. Poor Erin Andrews was in the privacy of her own room, getting dressed, and the fact that lots of men want to see her naked is nothing she can control. Lots of men want to see all kinds of women naked, but taking videos of naked women through a peephole is a criminal offense. Stop being an idiot by blaming the system and tell your readers that the lowlife who took the video is responsible, not the system that appreciates pretty women. YOu are a moron, and I don’t need blog reviews by dickwads like you.

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