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Manos Al Aire | Nelly Furtado | Incredibly Strong

August 17, 2009

There is nothing stronger than a woman driving a jeep and being totally pissed off at the man she loves, and then undressing in the street. I totally hate that she kisses him toward the end, but the final shot is of her, alone. I got the chills with this one, because she gives no quarter. Well, I am not sure I agree with the liberties taken in translation, but it’s still a strong piece. Nothing says strength like surrender to the fight with arms wide open. I think it would have been weak if she hadn’t looked so angry, and even if he is a jerk, it takes guts to put your feelings on the line. She says she can’t do it like this, says she wants to love him like yesterday, which definitely means a movement away from today. Maybe she knows too much now, and she wants it to be simpler. Too bad he’s such a putz in this song, because she’s definitely worth working for. And, the video works for me, as long as you realize she wants to love him like she did yesterday, and that’s over.

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