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Add Adjunct Joe Manfredi to the List of Fired Adjuncts

August 31, 2009
New Jersey Institute of Technology
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Perhaps I will have to create a “Fired Adjuncts Hall of Fame” for those taken out in the line of duty.  Of course, I might have to nominate myself into that position, as well as my partner, both of us let go for pointing out truthful policies to admin.  Mine came when our Ed Dept. had been getting its teaching certifcations rescinded by the State of Michigan for failing to follow the most basic teaching protocols set by the State and during a time when the Department Chair was ousted by a Dean who also refused millions of dollars in grant money because it was “too much work to report that much money.”  It was a tragedy in the making for adjuncts, and I was let go when my newly-0usted Chair’s replacement literally ran up a flight of steps ahead of me and yelled out:  “Cancel her classes.  I am the Acting Chair.”  It was a flight of drama worthy of a daytime soap opera, and the woman was later let go, but my classes were never re-instated.  Once my Department Chair was pushed out, so was I.

My partner suffered a similar fate when his Department Chair was replaced by a woman driving a little red Corvette (with a picture appropriately placed on her professional profile) who decided that the past Chair just didn’t “follow through when evaluating adjuncts.”  Ms. Replacement threatened adjuncts with firings by e-mail, swore that student evaluations better go up or adjuncts would lose jobs, and began to mandate that adjuncts only had to respond to all student requests within 24 hours of their submissions.  Understandably for adjuncts with 90 students per semester, the dice was cast.  My partner’s position was cannon fodder in the attack on adjuncts.

Now it seems another adjunct who has spoken out, or has simply lost favor with the administration, a Mr. Joe Manfredi, who taught at New Jersey Institute of Technology, just because he liked to teach, was let go in August.  Aha,  yet another case of admin disagreement.  It appears that Joe Manfredi was not currying favor with the administration when alumni group disputes went to court, and since Mr. Manfredi was President of the Alumni Association, the logical-only-to-the-small-schools progression of him losing his teaching positions followed.:

Manfredi, executive vice president of the alumni group and an adjunct professor at the university since 2002, said the university has also taken action against him.

This fall, he was slated to teach a graduate course on pharmaceutical facility design. Manfredi said his supervisor called him last week and told him he would no longer be teaching the course.

“He told me the dean said he was supposed to get rid of me because I was no longer a friend of NJIT,” Manfredi said Friday. “It’s so mind-boggling.”

It seems the school didn’t want to be affiliated with Manfredi’s alumni group, instead wanting to create their own alumni group and told Manfredi’s established alumni group to cease and desist. In other words, the school wanted to disown Manfredi’s alumni group, and when Manfredi’s group didn’t back down, he lost his teaching positions.  Add Joe Manfredi and New Jersey Institute of Technology to the ever-growing list of discrimination against adjuncts.

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