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Yet Another Adjunct Is Fired for the Truth: San Antonio College Punishes Adjunct Gerald J. Davey

September 1, 2009

Inside Higher Ed has another piece about yet another adjunct who was fired, or just not offered another course, for telling the truth about how many hours adjuncts worked at San Antonio College.  Inside Higher Ed published the following commentary on Gerald J.Davey’s career demise:

The college, like many, has rules that provide benefits and higher base pay to those who teach 12 credits or more. But as a condition of receiving some courses that put them at the 12-credit threshold, some adjuncts were being required to agree in writing to pretend that they were only teaching 11 credits. So adjuncts who needed the base pay had to lie, and lose out on benefits, to get the courses they needed.

Hmm, admin asking adjuncts to lie?  Doesn’t that happen all the time?  This seems to be a pattern here.  Check out my other posts on adjuncts, but this makes the 4th incident reported this year.  I can’t keep track of all the other incidents that haven’t received press coverage, friends, co-workers, fellow adjuncts going through the same things, and I can’t assign the Asshole Business Award of the Week to San Antonio College this week without also mentioning that I assigned it to the SAT Corp. for their written misrepresentation of the score profiles.

Apparently it’s been a busy week for the Assholes who work in the Education sector–I’ve not had to give the award twice in one week in the past.


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