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How Monsanto Got Involved In the War in Afghanistan

September 8, 2009
Monsanto Company
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And now we will begin with the quaint bedtime story of how Monsanto poisons our troops and other citizens when it enters wars the US fights.  Short version:  Monsanto provides the herbicides that kill the protective trees guerilla fighters use.


  1. Round-up:  War in Afghanistan, to help eradicate poppies and promote GMO seed
  2. Round-up:  Colombia, to stop drug production (remind me to write to you about varieties of marijuana that are resistant to Round-up that have become the new cottage industry among drug growers)
  3. Agent Orange:  Vietnam, and personally seeing people suffer from Alzheimers after Agent Orange exposure gives me a definite opinion on the dangers of these chemicals

Even though the government claims Monsanto hasn’t been doing business in places like Iraq (funny how that happened after a US invasion) :

In fact, Monsanto has already been doing business in Iraq. According to a 2004 USAID Transition Plan for the Agriculture Sector in Iraq, “All the major international players in the pesticide field are now present in Iraq: Dow (USA), Syngenta (Swiss), Dupont (USA), Bayer (Germany), Monsanto (USA), Novartis, FMC (USA), Dupont and Uniroyal, BSF and Cynamide.”

Goody, now we have all the

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