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Qliance–doctor’s office membership–health insurance not welcome

September 10, 2009
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Qliance is now offering health care for a monthly fee, usually $40-$90, with no health insurance accepted.  In a sign that this movement may be growing, the company also obtained $4million dollars worth of new venture capital to expand their centers.  Hey Qliance:  if you want to open shop around here, let me know, I would like to have a clinic like this.

Qliance offers primary care offices for lowered prices and advises clients to get catastrophic insurance.  From personal experience, I can tell you that even with health insurance, we were bankrupted from medical bills.  The doctors made mistakes; I was injured; lost coverage; bad bills.  I like the idea though of being able to get primary care again.  I like the idea of being able to get checked for the sinus infection that may be coming on with fall allergies, get my basic blood work done at a reasonable fee, maybe even get that foot x-rayed that keeps hurting.  What Qliance offers, and I feel will be a real threat to the health insurance establishment is: individual choice for consumers.  I like the idea, I really do.  Qliance, here is some Unasked Advice:  go to a rural community and see how many people would buy into your coverage.  In rural communities, health care opportunities are scarce.  If you can make a go of it there, you could go anywhere else.  Besides, I like the idea of not paying health insurance, because for me, frankly, health insurance still equaled bankruptcy.

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