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Caster Semenya Controversey Smacks of Gender Disrcimination and Racism

September 11, 2009
BERLIN - AUGUST 19:  Caster Semenya of South A...
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What happens when Sarah Gronert, a 22 year-old tennis champ, finds out she’s a hermaphrodite?  Well, the tennis leagues keep it relatively quiet until Sarah decides to choose a gender and remove male genitalia.  Sarah keeps playing.

What happens when the African American running star, Caster Semenya, has her gender questioned?  Well of course we quickly submit her to humiliating exams and publications regarding her genitalia.  Isn’t that what we should do with all teenagers?  I mean, doesn’t the medical association own women’s bodies anyway? (Forcing types of childbearing, pregnancy, forms of baby delivery or jail time, and removing existing children from the home if  a woman fails to comply.  Check Texas for the most arrests for a woman not agreeing to reproductive control.) Doesn’t that mean that the medical association owns women’s bodies by their genitalia?

Isn’t it logical to assume that when a female athlete is questioned that we just hand her over for the “medical experts” to make a determination of her gender based on humiliating exams?  I mean, isn’t Caster just like Joan of Arc?  Oh wait, she’s black, so instead of keeping all of this secret, the media leaks it and doctors put an 18 year old’s genitalia to the test.  Reasonable in a civilized society, don’t you think?  Makes me want to barf.  Dear God, this child has to live in this body the rest of her life; let’s leave her to it.

I, for one, am so glad we are judging female athletes by their breast size that I just have to applaud all these men who somehow got that right.  I mean, if we are now judged in all of our success by our breast size, then for sure, I am definitely a woman, right?  Isn’t that what makes a woman?  Oh, it’s not?  What about women who have breasts removed from cancer?  Hmm, still women?  What about women who have hysterectomies?  Hmm, still women?  What about women, like me, who have had fallopian tubes removed?  Hmm, still women?  What does it take to be a woman these days, really?

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