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Redneck Woman | Gretchen Wilson | Way Too Many Similarities for Comfort

September 21, 2009

Okay, so maybe I protest a little too much. I have always found Gretchen Wilson’s voice a good strong ground for a form of feminism that includes standing up for what you believe in. I am, however feeling slightly indicted by the following similarities:

1.Still have Christmas lights up–which I haven’t turned on and are white and supposed to blend in but don’t very well. I can’t reach them to take them down, but I suppose having them up for 10 months at any time may qualify. Okay, okay, I give.

2. I can drive most trucks, big, small or otherwise, through a mud ditch, get them out, and almost always drive my way out of any snow situation a truck may call for. I can’t always push them out, but then again, I have done that too. Not going well here for my elitist tendencies, especially considering I learned to drive on an original ’88Chevy Suburban.

3.I have stood in my front yard with a baby on my hip more than once. So I live in a little neighborhood. And the babies aren’t even mine, and I don’t do it but a couple of times a summer, which only lasts 3months here anyway. Yeesh, not liking where this is going!

4.I don’t ride dirt bikes. Got one.

5.I don’t regularly drink beer, except when it’s really hot outside and the beer is ice cold, literally. But I don’t drink it all night in a tavern. I hate champagne though–gives me an instant headache. I am sure it’s the sulfites, right?

6.I love Kid Rock and Skyn. but that doesn’t count does it? Kid Rock is from Michigan. I have to like him. Don’t tell him how much I like him.

7.I don’t buy from Victoria’s Secret either. My bras come from Wal-Mart mainly because they can go through the wash. Why have lingerie that can’t get dirty? This is not looking good for me.

8.I don’t, by any means, keep it country, but if you asked me if I could catch 3 kids in the front yard and still carry in groceries, I might have to answer “yes.”

I am going to stop here, but my illusions of grandeur are gone. That’s what Monday mornings are for though, aren’t they?

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