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Massachusetts Forces Vaccinations

September 24, 2009
Mass disease pass, 2006
Image by Gruscana via Flickr

Okay, I have to admit that Michigan has some really backward takes on things (see my posts on keeping the poor out of courts and unconstitutional laws), but I think Massachusetts has set a new standard for government interference by trying to pass laws to mandate vaccinations.  Since flu vaccines can’t be tested adequately before administration, i.e. what is the long term effect of these vaccines on adults before vaccinating children, it seems a huge experiment in public health.

I admit I may be cynical, but whenever legislators get behind big vaccination programs, I wonder who is funding the legislators’ campaigns.  Really, making laws about vaccines?  If vaccines were tested before administering to millions of children, I might think more highly of the idea, but check out the posts below, in order, to get the idea of the progression of thinking on the vaccines:

  1. Massachusetts allows questionable techniques for vaccinations
  2. Schools gear up for swine flu shots.
  3. Massachusetts mandates vaccines.
  4. Quebec is scrapping flu vaccines.
  5. Costs of the swine flu are projected.
  6. Warnings about vaccinations are given.
  7. Scientists warn the vaccine for swine flu will arrive too late.
  8. FDA approves the vaccine.

Hmm, does anyone else see the problem with this progression?  Or does anyone see that the costs are going to be huge, the flu vaccine will arrive too late, and other areas like Quebec are scrapping the massive plans for vaccinations just as the US is gearing up and Massachusetts is going to jail its citizens if they fail to get vaccinated by the government?  Hmm, I thought it was a free country last time I checked, but then again, maybe not in Massachusetts.

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