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Michigan Supreme Court Judge Uses Business for Pleasure: Is the Michigan Supreme Court in Bed with Amway?

November 11, 2009
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Chief Justice Cliff Taylor’s taxpayer funded car was used for personal and vacation use, a practice he endorsed. It may have cost him the 2008 election, but realistically, if he accepted a business car and used it for personal vacations, what else might he have been bribed with by other business groups? Mark Brewer, the man who bought the car from the former Justice Taylor bought the car for the Democratic party (Taylor was a Republican) and watch the press ask about Amway products. This is an illusion to the rumor that Rick DeVos, who ran for office himself, and has big Amway (Amway has been charged with fraud and pyramid schemes:

Amway, the oldest, largest and most politically connected MLM – the company that effectively created “multi-level marketing” – appears to be shaking and possibly on the verge of collapse. After millions of victims have lost billions in dollars, after millions of poor people in Third World countries were misled and ruined by Amway’s dream machine, and millions in ill-gotten Amway money were poured into the campaign coffers of politicians to prevent federal investigations, the full truth about the Amway/Quixtar scheme is being revealed. Regulators in India, China and England are taking action. Investigations by US regulators cannot be far away.

A group of Amway/Quixtar’s largest and most senior distributors have charged in a class action lawsuit that Amway is a fraud, a pyramid scheme, a worldwide scam…Amway founders and top guns have contributed millions to Republican congress members and to President Bush. This was rewarded in 2001 with Pres. Bush’s appointment of Timothy Muris, an attorney that worked for Amway, as chairman of the FTC. Muris has since left the FTC and several key Amway protectors in Congress (e.g. Rich Santorum in PA and Tom Delay in TX) were defeated. Dick Devos, the son of Amway founder Richard Devos, ran for governor of Michigan but was defeated.)

bucks here bought himself a Supreme Court judge a.k.a. Mr. Taylor, in order to “support big business” here in Michigan. Of course, this is all supposition on this video clip, but if you look at Taylor’s decisions, and I know of at least one where he ruled for big health care groups to prevent patients from suing doctors came after the “Justice” Taylor received hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars from health care groups. Interesting, no? Certainly a little something to liven up the Michigan discussion, is it not?

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