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Attorney General Mike Cox: Newest Michigan Politician Taking Some Heat

November 12, 2009
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Ummm, umm, umm, don’t you love the smell of fried political careers hanging in the air?  Just warm toasty glow to heat those Michiganders dealing with the cold right now. ..

The current Attorney GeneralMike Cox is getting quite the reputation for his failure to investigate in Michigan.  I have my own issues with his failure to investigate hospitals who cover up medical errors here in Michigan, but it seems others are upset with is investigative skills as well, with rumors flying once again about his campaign funding influencing his investigating skills.  Hmm, does this sound like Michigan Supreme Court justices to you too?

Mike Cox was apparently in the same Amway bed with Dick DeVos that the former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Taylor was in.  If you want proof, you can always watch this cheesy ad about the

“A-team of Mike Cox and Dick DeVos(Mike Cox’s Amway link)”–Nothing says cheese quite like weirdo white guys looking dopey to an A-Team riff, right?  It’s worth a watch for a laugh.

For further proof of Mike Cox’s association with Amway, which has now been indicted in Canada for millions in fraud cases, as well as in Ireland and the UK, watch click on this link and watch the ad describing Amway’s issues:

I know, crazy that Michigan is getting all this great publicity, isn’t it?  Well, when Mike Cox decided to throw his hat into the political arena he apparently didn’t realize the public would find out about his infidelities

“Cox is toast,” says Rich Robinson, executive director of the Lansing-based Michigan Campaign Finance Network, a non- partisan research group. “Here’s someone who’s made a lot of political hay as a staunch defender of traditional marriage. It doesn’t mesh with his being an adulterer.’

(seems a necessary component to becoming a Republican politician), or his lack of investigation into mysterious deaths (3 runners in the Detroit Marathon and the mysterious shooting of an exotic dancer linked to the infamous Kwame Kilpatrick).

Seems Mr. Cox had a position of losing important information about Kwame Kilpatrick:

The claims come in a 289-page deposition of a state police detective in the lawsuit filed by the family of Tamara Greene, the exotic dancer who was gunned down in 2003 and rumored to have danced at the Manoogian mansion several months earlier.

In the deposition, the detective says his team wanted access to Detroit Police Department computer files that might have shown there was a link, but several tapes mysteriously disappeared.

Attorney General Cox, who led the investigation into the rumored party, says tapes never vanished. In the deposition, the state police detective says 30 of the 36 tapes he wanted were gone.

How did this happen?  30 tapes just disappear?  This man is the attorney general and he loses this much evidence?  Sounds like a cover-up to me! Now Mike Cox wants to be the governor of Michigan?  Yeesh, save us in Michigan from the criminals!  Well, upwards of a month ago, Cox led the gubernatorial race, but just this past week, his fundraising dinner was canceled at the last minute.  Investigations into Mr. Cox’s ability to investigate are now pending.

Reminds me of the case that Mr. Cox “investigated”  involving a woman’s death in a nursing home.

Eight employees of Metron of Big Rapids nursing facility were recently charged by the Attorney General with a variety of criminal offenses, including involuntary manslaughter, stemming from the death of an oxygen-dependent resident in January 2005. Nursing facilities that serve Medicaid patients are required to comply with state and federal laws designed to promote high quality care. They are also subject to yearly inspections by the Department of Community Health. Inspections of the Big Rapids facility by the Department of Community Health in 2004 and 2005 led to 27 and 12 deficiency citations, respectively, which are significantly above the state norm of seven deficiencies per inspection.

The local judge, a woman named Susan Grant claimed the woman was old and would have died anyway, whether or not the staff had let her oxygen tank go empty.

“The bottom line is Judge Grant used her power to stop the victim, Sarah Comer, from having her day in court,” Sellek said. “It seems some people have lost track of just who the victim is in this case.”

Susan Grant said that the staff “just wanted to get on with their lives;” of course, the poor dears at the nursing home staff shouldn’t be held accountable for letting an old woman’s oxygen run out because she would have died anyway.  She was old, right?  I know, so since the nursing staff was still alive and the old woman was dead, Judge Susan Grant determined no harm no foul.  And, although Mr. Cox stated that he believed the old woman died because the staff let her run out of oxygen, he  never appealed. Thank God the old people are safe here in Michigan with the likes of Susan Grant and Mike Cox around.  (Susan Grant is getting rather old herself; maybe she would make use of the nursing home some day soon…)

More delicious quotes about Cox’s improprieties?

“Look, your guy (Cox), that’s why I threw parties for him. … I didn’t even want him to win. I just liked him ’cause he did me favors. – And you know, actually I like Cox more than Fieger, to be honest with you. Personally, I think Cox is a more honorable (expletive) man than, uh, Fieger. But I make money off Fieger.”

O’Brien said Fieger gave him the “names of two broads” with whom Cox had sex “in the line of duty.” Cox, who came clean about an affair last week, has acknowledged having an affair with one of the women. He denies the other allegation.

Let’s make a list of the allegations to help us out, shall we?

  1. Failure to investigate hospitals that cover up doctors’ mistakes
  2. Failure to continue a case against nursing home accused of letting an old woman die b/c they failed to replace her oxygen
  3. Failure to investigate the death of 3 Detroit Marathon runners who died within 20 minutes of each other under mysterious circumstances.
  4. Failure to investigate the murder of an exotic dancer associated with the disgraced Kwame Kilpatrick
  5. Failed to recuse himself when prosecuting a case in which he was guilty of the same crime
  6. Closed investigations of the murders of gay black men in Detroit, even when the Triangle Foundation pointed out the connection as hate crimes.

Or, we could look at the case in which Mike Cox prosecuted someone for adultery all while admitting his own cheating on his wife. Don’t you love a good politician rap sheet as a political bio?  Warm and cozy, that’s what I always say…

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  1. Leslie permalink
    March 12, 2010 3:56 am

    People who are oxygen dependent have special machines – oxygen concentrators. These people only use oxygen tanks in emergency situations or to travel with to their appointments. This was true for my mother and aunt.

    I rather doubt you have the facts right in the death of the nursing home resident.

    • brokeharvardgrad permalink*
      March 15, 2010 6:22 pm

      Well, applying a generalized statement regarding your mother and aunt to this situation probably leads to faulty assumptions. My facts are right–your assumptions led you astray.

  2. Scott Watson permalink
    March 14, 2013 1:55 am

    So based on the fact that Hertzog went from 1997 est. when I file a complaint with the Attorney Grievence Commissing until he actually got investigated, would if be safe to say that scum bag lawyers cannot watch scum bag lawyers? Therefore, I propose we defund the AGC in its entirety. It can each police departments job to investgate. If a panel needs to be involved it can be those that sign up voluntarily and random selection to to sit for a given period. Only attorneys would be those hired on an as need per case for advice. I see no need for salaries that exceed the average wage of say a union janitor or perhap a manufacturing engineer. Of course I have always thought govenment elected should never exceed twice the average wage of any local area in which they work. And I do mean average of all wages earned in any district including minimum wage jobs.

    Scott Watson


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