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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer says young girls’ bodies should be made available in gym class

November 19, 2009
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Or, that’s what he meant to say when he declared he couldn’t determine how strip searching a 13-year old girl over ibuprofen was any different than changing in gym class:

One of Ginsburg’s liberal colleagues, fellow Clinton appointee Stephen Breyer, saw it a little differently. He said he had a hard time understanding the girl’s claim that her rights had been violated.

“I’m trying to work out why is this a major thing to, say, strip down to your underclothes, which children do when they change for gym,” Breyer said. “How bad is this?”

(Maybe he added young, nubile and hot in there too… Oh, wait, he didn’t, not what I heard….Judge Stephen Breyer likes them young and hot? What, he likes it all hot?  Maybe Justice Breyer says he wants to “pop” the 13-year old co-eds, maybe not.  See, that’s just how internet rumors get started…) What, you think maybe he doesn’t believe a 13-year old girl’s naked body should be available for school administrators to review any time they see fit?  What does he mean, exactly?  So now changing for gym class is akin to a strip search?  What planet is this man from?  And, if a strip search is akin to changing in gym class then simply because a young girl is changing at school, the adminstrators get to look in her bra and underpants?  There is no logic to this argument.  Man, even his photo looks smarmy and annooying.

I know it’s a little late, and I know I should have declared this before, but U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer gets the Asshole Award of the Week for his commentary on offering up a young girl’s naked body for the school administrators’ perusal simply because he compares it to changing into gym clothes.  I used to think only Scalia was an asshole any day of the week, redeemable only by an early death, but apparently I need to add Stephen Breyer to the list, because he sounds like a child-abuse supporter.  Gross, nothing like a Dirty Old White Man’s Club to make me truly disgusted in our “democracy.”  Now we get to add that element of sexual perversion to Stephen Breyer’s rulings regarding children, if we follow his lead of equating strip searches with gym class.

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