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Obama’s Dangerous Stories

December 1, 2009
the 44th President of the United States...Bara...
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The stories Obama told on the campaign trail might have been seen by some as lulling bedtime tales designed to assuage weary Americans looking for respite, but they have turned out to be politically dangerous for him as Obama struggles to implement the policy he proposed.  Or maybe, he isn’t trying to implement them at all, just finally getting to do what he wants now.

Yahoo has a list of the “stories” Obama doesn’t want told, which is mainly a political commentary with a cautionary message:  Democrats are losing ground and so is Obama.  Yes, we know that.  So what are the 7 Stories Obama Doesn’t Want Told“?  Well, I will list them for simplicity.  You can find out more about these dangerous (and by dangerous, I mean as in dangerous to voting numbers) stories on the link to this article, but here is the down and dirty list:

  1. He thinks he’s playing with Monopoly money.
  2. Obama is detached from the American populous, as in comparing his lack of emotional depth perception to Mr. Spock.
  3. Obama’s political team is made up of “campaign hacks,” because, well, the staff has told the press this.
  4. Obama is a pushover.  Well, this supposedly came about after international discussions with foreign leaders, but if we are comparing him to George Bush…
  5. Obama supposedly is ruled by “President Pelosi,” which would make him weak?  Not sure how that one is played out because he has also been linked to th “Female Barack Obama”, Kamala Harris.  Gosh, being compared with a woman is now a bad thing?
  6. “Obama is in love with the man in the mirror”,which is not something new to those of us who have said he seems to be separated from the general American public and oblivious to criticism. Not surprising either that his staff seems oblivious to the criticism as they are “campaign hacks,” who arrived flat-footed in the Washington presidential approval ratings game.
  7. Obama apparently doesn’t love the U.S. any more than any of the other countries.  Now this is a nebulous concept, because how do you judge affection?  I can say that Obama fails to incite the patriotism that other past presidents have.  Apparently other voters have noticed. Critics say that moderates and independents have moved away from Obama already.

So, what to do Obama?  Well, the story lines may just be that, stories and nothing more.  Perhaps they are scary stories designed to hit Obama’s presidential influence, but I really don’t think so.  Obama, here is some Unasked Advice:  pay attention to the critics, because your political career may depend on it. Or, you can just read the doomsday reports in this article:  The Aftermath:  A new reality for President Obama.

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