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Target Store Throws Out Mom Nursing Baby: Target employee says “it’s against the law”

December 1, 2009
Target Corporation
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Michigan has made the news yet again for stupidity; this time a nursing mother was evicted from a Target store for nursing her 4-week old infant in the electronics aisle.  Target stores even went so far as to call the police on the woman, telling her that nursing her baby was illegal:

(AP) — HARPER WOODS – A woman says she was kicked out of a Detroit area Target store because she was breast-feeding her child in the electronics aisle. Mary Martinez said she was stopped Sunday by a security guard after she began feeding her 4-week-old daughter during a visit to the store in Harper Woods.

Her husband, Jose Martinez, tells WJBK-TV the couple was told by the security guard that the act was “against the law” and told to leave. Jose Martinez said as a Detroit police officer, he knew that was not true. Harper Woods police responded, and the couple left the store.

Target officials told WJBK that they regret the incident. They said breast-feeding is allowed in their stores, but police were called because there was concern for the safety of their guests.

Target apparently didn’t feel badly enough, because somehow their statement of a nursing mother requires calling the police as a safety issue? Please!  I don’t often do it, but Target Stores get the 2nd Asshole AWard of the week for telling a nursing mother that feeding her baby is illegal and calling the cops. So because this has been officially reported by the AP, we know that the Harper Woods Target Store has been put on the news as being possibly abusive to a nursing mother who was shopping in her store.

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