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Another Adjunct Fired: this time for cricitcizing the b-ball coach

December 2, 2009
State University of New York
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An adjunct who was just coincidentally fired after offering a critique of the basketball coach’s irregularities at SUNY has been offered her job back after the university started an investigation of the basketball department’s coach and its athletic directors.   The adjunct fired was named Sally Dear and had taught, like many fired adjuncts, for over 10 years as the school.  She was let go shortly after criticizing the basketball coach, but the school stated budgetary reasons:

Dear believed she was dismissed because she spoke out against the basketball program. The university had cited fiscal reasons. But Dear received a letter Friday saying she would remain an adjunct, although in a different department, during the audit.

“How come they’re firing me due to budget cuts and a reconfiguring of the department and all of a sudden I’m being hired by another department?” Dear said.

Apparently though, the administration has launched an investigation into the athletic department and has reassigned Dear to another department.  Hmm, administrators who favor coaches can now fire adjuncts?  Add that to the list.

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