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Poisoning the Water on Purpose in Illinois

December 3, 2009
Image by kate.gardiner via Flickr

You ever have those days where everything you bump into gets you dirty, where you just keep running into things that make a mess no matter what you do?  Well, I had a day like that today, and it looks like Illinois did too; they dumped poisons in a canal to kill Asian carpYep, they did it on purpose, poisoned a whole section of the Illinois canal because they didn’t want the fish, the Asian carp that escaped from breeding facilities in the South during a flood, to reach Lake Michigan.

At first, the intuition might be to try to limit an invasive species from entering Michigan waterways.  I am all for limiting invasive species in Michigan waterways, but I am not all for poisoning the water in a canal to kill fish on the auspicious chance that they could do damage in the Great Lakes.  Back to that getting dirty no matter what you do  bit, well, seems like poison is kind of the same thing, spreading to and sticking to things you never think will get hit by it.  What about birds being affected?  What about insects?  No one thought insects were important until crops started failing when honey bees started to die.  What about predators who feed on the fish?  And, if humans are the top predator in the food chain, what about us?

So-called “environmentalists” a.k.a. engineers, decided to poison an entire canal after electric fences failed to keep Asian carp from migrating. There are lots of articles below, all seemingly in favor of a mass poisoning of a major waterway, proof that all kinds of village idiots have escaped, but no one is talking about the aftermath:  what’s to stop the carp from coming back?

Anyway, for those of you who want to know, perhaps you could ask the engineers, cunningly renaming themselves “environmentalists” and ask what happens when the fish come back?  If an electric fence can’t stop them, which admittedly seems a faulty blockage in so many ways when it’s under water to stop fish, then the next logical step is a mass poisoning of the water?  Yeah, glad this group of idiots didn’t come from Michigan, just the backdoor neighboors (Freudian slip there, neighbors) dumping their Rotenone in the canal…

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