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More Backlash After Target Throws Out Nursing Mom

December 8, 2009
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I was cruising the links to my blog last night and had found a radio station had linked to me, asking comments from readers/listeners about whether or not a “woman should be allowed to breastfeed in public,” as if the law doesn’t already allow women (allow yes, but protect, no).  I was compelled to write to one woman named “Kate” who kept writing about nursing using “BOOBS” all in caps, as though this was some great surprise/catastrophe.  The majority of comments were useless, along the same argument structure of asking people if they get pissed off if someone cuts in line, but this time they asked if people get pissed if someone breastfeeds.  Craziness, but I was compelled to comment.  Read it below:

Just want to let people out there, like that commenter \Kate\, who rightfully acknowledged that we nurse with our \BOOB\[s] in the ever mature fashion know that the woman who was nursing was never said to be actually causing a distraction or acting inappropriately by nursing.  Target stated that \the couple\ was removed for  \security reasons,\ which is a far cry from saying the nursing mother acted inappropriately.  (Which while I would argue that there is nothing wrong with a nursing mother, only onlooker viewpoints may be inappropriate, I certainly understand that when people say BOOB in caps, there are people out there who obviously think that somehow nursing is strange or inappropriate in and of itself even while we can’t publicly comment on the obese eating a big popcorn in the Target cafeteria…)  But, realistically, nursing in public is allowed by law, and that’s the main issue.  And nursing in a bathroom is incredibly difficult.  I know.  I have tried it.  Other women tried to help me by bringing chairs and shielding me from the door, which made me feel so much more exposed trying to nurse in front of an open restroom door, not to mention DIRTY.  If people sat and ate pizza on the toilet in the Target restroom, there might be complaints too.  Seems people and their food just have way too many issues, no matter how it comes about.  But really, if a woman has a legal right to nurse in public then Target shouldn’t be allowed to harass women because they disagree. It has to do with civil rights, not BOOBS.

Of course I am going to piss people off by saying that some people don’t like to watch others gulp down food at the food court, even if it’s gross or offensive to them.  And, I don’t think Target allows pizza parties in restrooms, but expects mothers to nurse in there or in dressing rooms, which most likely don’t allow pizza parties either.

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