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Islamic Jihadists Are Not Poor, Just Against Feminism

December 9, 2009
A veiled Arab woman in Bersheeba, Palestine.
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Later in the interview, in answer to the question of who is the “enemy” –is it the West, any non-Muslim, the Jews –Dr. Tawfik is unequivocal:

“The West, but in particular, women’s rights. Women’s rights was the first enemy for us.”

He adds that it’s strange feminism should have been the biggest gripe of jihadists, but it was. He is emphatic that this is why, wherever a “radical [Islamist] group” acquires power, the first thing it does is suppress women.

“First thing, before anything else, they tell women not to go out, to wear the hijab …”

Hmm, control the women by covering them, keeping them indoors, locking them up…  Well, guess what guys?  If women ever doubted the veracity of the war against the fundamentalists, now is the time to step up.  Women might enlist just because of this.

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