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SENATOR Barbara Boxer In Her Own Words:No Ma’am

December 14, 2009
Barbara Boxer, member of the United States Senate
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Poor Noble Progressives who apparently just don’t understand that “Ma’am” might not be the appropriate form of address at a senate hearing committee where a military general is supposed to report his findings to the Senator, his superior, in this instance.  Most likely a general just innocently got confused about the chain of command when addressing a superior, right?  He probably meant no offense at all and failed to realize the chain of command at his level, right? Of course, if we are comparing this woman to Sarah Palin, and then saying that Sarah Palin wouldn’t do something, there is always a path open to destruction. Sarah Palin couldn’t describe with any accuracy, Putin’s location, much less comment on directives at a Senate Hearing Committee on the progress of war, but why separate threads of a really good smear campaign.

The only problem I see with this is that Senator Boxer apologized for correcting the terms of address.  She should have just corrected him and left it at that.  If he was out of line in his form of address, he was out of line.  She was well within her rights to correct him.  Really, if a senator, in a professional capacity, offers a correct form of address to a reporting officer, be they male or female, should we compare that to a news commentary? Well, only if we are conservatives. Let’s just equate the news commentators to elected politicians and a news report to a senate report on the war, and then we can go ahead and lambast any senator we choose. Why worry about gender, because that probably has nothing to do with it does it? Oh wait, except the military man is not criticized for his failure to adhere to proper protocol when reporting on his mistakes. Hmm, maybe it was an accident on his part all along… http://capitalistobserver.b…Barbara Boxer‘s office #’s :D.C.: (202) 224-3553Los Angeles: (213) 894-5000Sacramento: (916) 448-2787 San Francisco…

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