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Karl Rove Receives Asshole of the Week Award

December 29, 2009

Karl Rove is divorcing his wife of 24 years this week, but that isn’t why he deserves the Asshole Award this week.  His second divorce while preaching against gay marriage because gay marriage violates “traditional marriage” arrangements earns him the  Asshole Award of the Week.  Karl Rove is actually divorcing for the 2nd time.  He was married the first time to a woman named Valerie Wainwright for three years, got divorced, got remarried to a woman named Darby for 24 years (conveniently dumping her after his political run was over, time to shed those pesky appendages like long-standing spouses and live a “liberated” life), and now seeks another divorce.

It’s a running theme for men who preach against letting homosexual couples marry, maintaining traditional marriages, all while they get divorced amid rumors, inuendo and all kinds of political debauchery.  A columnist for spoke about the hypocrisy of these men and their donning of the traditional marriage garb as it suits them, and discarding it as it also suits them:

I’ve long thought that the solution to the cheap, cost-free moralizing that leads very upstanding people like Karl Rove to want to ban same-sex marriages (which they don’t want to enter into themselves, and thus cost them nothing) is to have those same “principles” apply consistently to all marriage laws.  If Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh and their friends and followers actually were required by law to stay married to their wives — the way that “traditional marriage” was generally supposed to work — the movement to have our secular laws conform to “traditional marriage” principles would almost certainly die a quick, quiet and well-deserved death.

So, Karl Rove, you get the Asshole Award of the Week for giving yourself the luxury of divorce when you won’t agree to let others have the same privilege.

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