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January 7, 2010
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I saw the articles and press on this article and couldn’t stop laughing.  What kind of dumb ass running for office fails to buy his own domain name and then acts snotty about it?  Yep, Pete Hoekstra never reserved his own domain name, and now during an election year, Hoekstra is feeling like he is in hot water.  So, on Dec. 30, 2009, a former Michigander, by the name of Ben Padnos, purchased the domain name and started posting his issues with Hoekstra on that site.

According to Hoekstra’s campaign manager, Truscott, Hoekstra is too cheap to try to buy the domain from this entrepreneur:

The domain name had been held for years by a Dutch soccer star who did not use it, Truscott said.

While Hoekstra’s campaign has reserved several domain names, it was unable to get all of them, Truscott said.

“Pete’s Dutch,” he said. “He’s not going to spend thousands of dollars to reserve all the names.

With that charming soliloquy, Truscott has just made Hoekstra’s camp look stupid, cheap, and out of the loop.  Hoekstra, here’s a little Unasked Advice:  fire your campaign manager, because it appears he did you wrong.   Why worry about buying all the names when you can just buy your own?  Apparently that subtle point was missed by the campaign managers.  To all the whiny crybaby campaign people, here is what I would say:  If you want to make your candidate look relevant, you have to acknowledge technology.  Obama had a huge technology presence, and it helped.

Still laughing, well the stupidity apparently never ceases to crack me up.  I have read on-line and hard copy results and still the GRPress seems biased against Mr. Ben Padnos, who really did nothing more than post the other side of Hoekstra’s campaign blitz.  Next thing you know, Truscott will be saying he knows nothing about YouTube.  Yeesh.

Ahh, the naivete of some of these OldWhiteBoyClub types is astounding.  Truscott said no one would be reading the site anyway, at least not voters:

“Frankly, only liberal Democrats will read the site anyway,” Truscott said. “Trust me, people who will be voting for Pete Hoekstra will not be looking at that site.”

So, I guess if you forget that millions of people read on the internet everyday, maybe it’s safe to make these assumptions.  If you don’t think the internet will affect you, maybe it’s safe to make these assumptions.  But, then again, Mr. Padnos’ site crashed from all the flood of viewers.  Hmm, maybe liberal Democrats aren’t the only ones on the web.  Makes me feel good that all these little Michiganders are on the web working, or are they?  Doesn’t look like Hoekstra’s campaign manager was on the web.

Readers on the Mr. Padnos site have commented that they feel that Padnos will upset his family by these postings, with some Mite-Guy urging for “tact” from Padnos because the website was put out there.   Good reading for Michigan today, good reading.

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