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Afghan Rape Law Causes Women to Light Themselves on Fire

January 12, 2010
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Perhaps no one else sees the link between Afghan women lighting themselves on fire to protest abuse and the Afghanistan government sponsored rape law, but the increase in suicides of Afghani women directly coincides with the same time frame in which rape became legalized in Afghanistan.  Is that coincidental, or is that the reality of life for the women  of Afghanistan?

In a country dominated by men, and yet so dependent upon women to carry on reproducing and raising the children while the men fight their wars amongst each other, the women are supremely vulnerable to male violence and insecurity.  Without the women, the men have no future generations, no further soldiers, no one to nurse the babies in God-forsaken areas of land where they must camp to evade troops.

I have often said that war is mainly a man’s mission, because only men have the time to go kill one another in complicated series of guerilla steps when small children are around.  It is only because of a woman’s care somewhere that the men can afford to go to war and not have to provide lodging for their families, not have to build homes for their children, not have to tend to crops for food.  It’s the worst form of being a stay-at-home mother when that woman’s partner is off at war.  Even more sickening is the male-projected image of life and death battles being waged only on the battlefield while women die in childbirth at some of the highest rates in the world in areas stricken by war.

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