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NoVo Foundation: Devoted to Saving Girls

January 28, 2010
WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 19:  Former Halliburton/...
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I was directed to this site by The Hunger Site, and I had been looking for foundations that support women and girls.  I found the video by the Nike Foundation:  The Girl Effect and loved it.  I also love the mission in the NoVo Foundation which includes: “empowering women and girls as primary agents of change.” What’s not to love about that?

I have been saddened to read about the US Government’s part in allowing Halliburton to attack the integrity of rape survivors who had been working overseas, and I have found an organization that focuses on helping women:  the NoVo Foundation.  If you read below, you will find that Senator Al Franken moved to deny contracts to companies, like Halliburton, that would sacrifice women to rape to make profits.  There are good men out there, and there are good organizations out there.  I wish I could let Senator Al Franken know about the NoVo Foundation.  We need to let more people be involved in the support of women, allow all people to have the choice to support their communities by supporting the people who build them with their own blood and bodies–the women.   So, kudos to the NoVo Foundation and kudos to Senator Al Franken.  You’ve made my week…

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