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Supreme Court Justice Alito Looks Pissed At Obama

January 28, 2010

Well, I hesitate to get a comment out about the right-wing US Supreme Court, but I just can’t dismiss this delicious bit of political drama centered around Obama’s state of the union address last night.  Obama critiqued a Supreme Court decision that overturned a 100-year old law  allowing  foreign investors by way of international corporations to contribute to US campaigns,

The court did upend a 100-year trend that had imposed greater limitations on corporate political activity. Specifically, the court, in a 5-4 decision, said corporations and unions could spend freely from their treasuries to run political ads for or against specific candidates.

In his dissent, Justice John Paul Stevens said the court’s majority “would appear to afford the same protection to multinational corporations controlled by foreigners as to individual Americans.”

Obama said corporations can “spend without limit in our elections.”

and Supreme Court Justice Alito  (so appointed by George W. Bush admin), looks pissed.  He even mouthed something like “not true, not true,” during Obama’s speech, the equivalent of pissing in Obama’s room, but Scalia seems to feel above the public frenzy.  Democrats gave Obama a standing ovation, and Alito threw a hissy fit, which even with the black dress he was wearing made Alito look about like an 8-year old on the playground saying “nyah, nyah, boo, boo.”

While some scholars have decried Obama’s commentary on the Supreme Court’s decision because the justices were in the same room,

It was also terribly inappropriate when he openly encouraged belligerent reaction against the Supreme Court with the Justices sitting in the chamber. It was a cheap shot,

would it have been better if Obama had criticized the ruling behind the Supreme Court’s back?  So Alito’s “not true, not true” is an okay response?  Since when is the Supreme Court above any political commentary or public comment?  Well, apparently now if you believe the Fox News commentator quoted above.

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