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Michigan School District has 4-Day School Week to Save Money

February 1, 2010
Map of Michigan highlighting Montmorency County.
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Yep, you heard it here:  4 days of school for students in a Michigan county.  In Montmorency County.  The school district is planning to start earlier and end later.

The theory is to cut the number of school days down to just 4 per week, and make each of those four days last a little longer to make up for the extra day off.  Superintendent Teresa Stauffer says the move would save the district more than $25,000 dollars this semester.

A number of other cuts have already been made throughout the district, and the Superintendent says the next step would have been to start cutting teachers. Instead, starting Monday the 25th, all students will be in class an hour earlier – at 7:30 am. They’ll be there until just after 4:00 in the afternoon.

Day care will be an issue for parents on Fridays, but technically, one could see this as separating finances, making parents pick up child care costs that the school district can’t cover any more.  While some parents expressed concern that starting school at 7:30 am, the school board was unmoved.  Since the State has passed a law mandating 160 days of school, this move can’t continue into next fall.  Nevertheless, the school district plans to save money this year for next year.  If the State mandates 160 days of school but cuts school budgets, money to keep the lights on has to come from somewhere.

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