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Michigan Unemployment Hits Almost 20% and Looking to the Movies to Save Them

February 1, 2010
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Ann Arbor seems relatively unscathed in the nation’s steep economic downturn with unemployment rates hitting only a “slight” 9%, but the norththeastern area of Michigan has hit a staggering 18.7% rate of unemployment.  Good times here in Michigan, no?

The lowest jobless rate was 9 percent in the Ann Arbor region. The highest rate was 18.7 percent in the northeastern Lower Peninsula.

Channel 7&4 News reported that the only area to remain unchanged was the Detroit area’s rate of unemployment.

Governor Granholm is backing Obama’s plan for economic stimulus saying it created 42,000 jobs in Michigan, which means that both elected officials are either witless or ignorant of the floodgates of the unemployed hitting this State.  It’s irresponsible to state that somehow 42,00o jobs have helped Michigan when there are counties where almost 1 in 5 adults remain unemployed.

But hey, that  hasn’t stopped Granholm before.  It’s worrisome here in Michigan, which tends to be a staunch Republican stronghold, even with a few liberal pockets thrown in around university areas, that the Democrats in office are making what appear to be jokes in bad taste about “helping Michigan.”  It’s worrisome because Republicans are just as dangerous to the basic rights of the individual here in Michigan in their inglorious stampede to somehow look thin enough, pretty enough, and stupid enough to win some big business contracts that will then trample on the rights of the working class here in Michigan.  Need proof?  Take a look at the automakers.

Michigan now has the Field of Dreams bit going with jobs, a sign that literally they are looking to the movies to save them in a move that is depressingly similar to a movie script.  Did I say movie script?  Oh yes, in the Detroit area, a group is building a $20million dollar “green screen” complex to attract moviemakers to Michigan. Oh yes, $20 million to the film industry out in California.  Last time I had to fly to Cally and arrange frequent flights, the lowest rates were about $900 a week in advance, and that’s with at least 2 layovers.  I know that film personalities are used to traveling and going on location to make a movie, but why fly when a green screen can be built in California?  Repeat with me that oft-stated Kevin Costner haggard-faced mantra:  “If you build it, they will come…”

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