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Night By Night | Little Disco

February 1, 2010
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Aside from the women fighting over him, the disco beat is pretty good. I like that he has the guts to keep going with this, even dancing by himself for a while.  Even though it looks like the whole thing could have been performed in a roller rink with headbands and ankle warmers, I like it.  Maybe that’s why I like it.  That and there is a little bit of Flashdance and guitar riff going on.  Who cares about the lyrics at a certain point. But I keep thinking while I watch him dance:  he’s good.  It’s got that best bit of bar dancing anonymity, dancing with someone you don’t know and probably won’t see again, but it sure feels good while you do it.  There are always a few guys at the bar who can do this:  dance with all the women and make them look good, the women I mean.  That guy will have more women to dance with than anyone else because what woman doesn’t want to look hot on the dance floor? Every little nerdy guy’s dream, but this one pulls it off admirably.  Worth a watch.

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