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Rush Limbaugh: ‘I Love The Women’s Movement, Especially When I’m Walking Behind It’ (VIDEO)

February 4, 2010
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Rush Limbaugh doesn’t sound like a pig when he tells a woman he likes the “women’s movement from behind,” does he? You know, I couldn’t tell, because he calls feminism “leading women astray,” but first calls it liberalism and thereby assuming there are no conservatives who believe in equal rights for women. I mean, really, Limbaugh couldn’t have just mentioned on national television that the only thing he likes watching on women is an ass, did he? It sounds suspiciously like he is saying that he’s all for the women’s movement as long as he gets his piece of ass in their too. Or maybe he is just referring to only liking it from behind? Or is he really asking to see the commentator’s behind? Gosh, I am getting confused. Then Limbaugh says he is “Mr. America” as if he has the biceps to comment? Seems to me he is missing some rather glaring physical attributes to make that declaration, namely hair to start with. But, while I can’t see him as Mr. America, I also about gagged when I saw him as a judge for the pageant. Doesn’t he realize all those contestants just want to win the money and think he is a dirty old guy like all the other leering men who probably can’t get it up anymore and are bitter because they didn’t have the access anyway? Oh, he didn’t know it was their job to make him feel good about himself? Hmm, this isn’t a movie Rushy-Baby, it’s real life, and women of that caliber expect their lovers to at least have hair and not talk about watching other women’s asses on national television as if it’s a perfectly acceptable way to behave. Then again, acceptable and Rush Limbaugh are really oxymorons. So, how about an Dirty Old White Guy Roast for everyone? Where’s the spit, it’s time to turn this piggy…

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