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Gearing Up for Game Day – WMC Keeps Pressure on Super Bowl – WMC Blog

February 7, 2010

SuperBowl Ready? Ready for women to be put down? I can’t even watch game anymore with GoDaddy’s stripper ads (not much of a professional way to do webhosting with them anymore) to Mrs. PotatoHead losing her lips(voice) and Mr. PotatoHead’s misogynist pleasure at it to the “you’re ugly” flowers bit, to the scantily clad women reminding me of my less-than-perfect abs, gosh what’s not to love about the piggiest sport around? What’s not to love about grunting, overindulging, drunk and inappropriately physically confident fatsos sitting on the sofa shouting? I don’t even know where to begin. Be still my beating heart. My body quivers for SuperBowl and all the glorious testerone a sporting event like this brings out from under the rocks, the ad campaigns, the political messages…nothing says misogyny like SuperBowl and so nothing says sexy like misogyny, right?

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