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Attorney General Mike Cox Linked to Sex Candal from 2005 and George Bush

February 8, 2010

Michigan’s Attorney General, Mike Cox, who is currently running on the Republican’s ticket for the governor’s position was linked to a sex scandal in 2005 involving Lee Michael O’Brien.  Lee Michael O’Brien has his own troubled past, including allegations made that he sexually assaulted his housekeeper, which he pled down to indecent exposure but then violated his probationary period and ended up on a tether. O’Brien was also charged with numerous driving violations and had his license suspended.  So, how does this connect to Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox?  Well, apparently Mr. O’Brien was attempting to extort Mike Cox, with information I don’t have at the moment, but there is more to this story than has been published as Mr. O’Brien had contributed to Mike Cox’s campaign.  I found this commentary on a blog regarding the whole connection to Mike Cox and George Bush:

O’Brien also has hosted two fund-raisers for Attorney General Mike Cox, including one attended by Southfield lawyer Geoffrey Fieger, according to Vince Colella, O’Brien’s attorney. (emphasis added)

Not one…but TWO fundraisers for Mike Cox!? We need more on this. Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land’s campaign finance website doesn’t show any record of O’Brien ever having contributed to Mike Cox (that I can find). But that certainly doesn’t rule out the possibility of O’Brien hosting a fundraiser for him. If anyone has any documentation on this, bring it forward now.

As far as O’Brien’s other contributions, he did in fact make a $3,400 contribution to Fieger’s gubernatorial campaign. But mostly O’Brien’s money goes to Wayne County judges. This includes $500 for the honorable Sean F. Cox, brother of Mike Cox (Attorney General of Michigan) AND – get this – a currentGeorge Bush nominee for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan!

I knew there had to be a Bush connection somewhere in this!

So, this is the same district court that had a hand in crafting our State’s laws, and now there is a Bush link?  Yikes, it’s worse than I thought.  There is a link between Bush and Attorney General Mike Cox?  How scary is that?  So, Mike Cox, who is running for governor on the Republican ticket here in Michigan, has a brother who was close enough to Bush to get a nomination for the U.S. District Court?  Wow, this gets scarier as I read more.  Can anyone fact-check this one?
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