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Wall Street to Republicans: Come Home to Daddy

February 9, 2010
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Wall Street executives appear angry with Obama for pushing for regulatory practices and are funding Republicans’ campaigns instead of Democrats according to a recent article in the NYTimes. While I am not a huge fan of Obama every waking moment, it’s important to note here the Obama has been pushing for transparency for the taxpayers who bailed out banks and regulation of the banking industry in general.  Republicans are cashing in on Wall Street’s ire at the mention of regulation (never mind that Wall Street virtually bankrupted America and took Americans’ homes), by promising no regulatory efforts from the government in the areas of banking.

Shrewd politics, no? Another blogger put it as:  Republicans to Wall Street: Come Home to Mommy.  But, I do think it’s the other way around, because Wall Street has a history of buying politics.  Other bloggers call it “bankers’ remorse” for having supported Obama, whose party now wants more regulations.

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