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Geert Wilders Warning to America Part 1 of 2 About His Belief that Islam Isn’t a Religion But a Takeover

February 10, 2010
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Geert Wilders, Controversial MP The Netherlands (a country with extremely liberal policies towards Muslims) warns Americans.” This is the YouTube quote, and I have recently seen transcripts of this speech being sent frequently through the e-mail lists, with support for Geert Wilders growing among Americans. I am not sure what to do with this, myself… There is no way I want to live under a burqa, and as a woman in an Islamic state, I would do that or die, as would my children. But, I guess I am hesitant about the inherent “betterness” of any male-centered religion, be it Judeo-Christian origin, Muslim origin, or any of the other religious belief sets that make a woman’s place below a man’s, even a holy man’s. Even in Judeo-Christian beliefs, a woman’s place (Mary’s) is always below the male deity. Opinions, Dear Readers?

Note that Mr. Wilder’s country of origin is pushing for charging him with a crime for this speech, calling it a hate speech.  Then again though, is there such a punishment for a hate speech?  It seems that hate speeches occur all the time.  I don’t think this is the same as calling for action the way that fatwas are issued from the Muslim political factions, so I am not sure that this is akin to inciting riots or asking for action.  Geert Wilders seems to have a lot of supporters, but can he be charged with hate crimes for speaking?  There are other blog links below, if you are interested in others’ responses.

It is telling that Mr. Wilders is listed as one of the most favored politicians in the Netherlands, as he has supposedly built his political platform on the premise that he wants to take a hard line against immigration.

In addition, Wilders is a charismatic, savvy, principled, and outspoken leader who has rapidly become the most dynamic political force in the Netherlands. While he opines on the full range of topics, Islam and Muslims constitute his signature issue. Overcoming the tendency of Dutch politicians to play it safe, he calls Muhammad a devil and demands that Muslims “tear out half of the Koran if they wish to stay in the Netherlands.” More broadly, he sees Islam itself as the problem, not just a virulent version of it called Islamism.

Finally, the PVV benefits from the fact that, uniquely in Europe, the Dutch are receptive to a non-nativist rejection of Shari’a. This first became apparent a decade ago, when Pim Fortuyn, a left-leaning former communist homosexual professor began arguing that his values and lifestyle were irrevocably threatened by the Shari’a. Fortuyn anticipated Wilders in founding his own political party and calling for a halt to Muslim immigration to the Netherlands. Following Fortuyn’s 2002 assassination by a leftist, Wilders effectively inherited his mantle and his constituency.

While he might be charged with crimes , although is a crime to simply make what some bloggers refer to as a “bigoted speech, it strikes me as a system of large-scale government resistance to the idea that people in the Netherlands may really feel the way Geert Wilders feels.  Can the Netherlands punish one of their most popular politicians for speaking his mind?  And if they do, are they really trying to send a message to the majority of people who elected him and might share his views?  What, exactly, is the government’s message in punishing one of their own, elected by a large majority of the people, for a speech in which he issues no call to action but speaks against another religion?

Part of the problem is that the Muslims who have spoken to the press do state that they want to take over Europe.  Europeans are against the ideology.  Go figure.

Wilders had tried to enter Britain in February, but the British government banned him, arguing that his presence could incite violence. Wilders successfully appealed the ban earlier this week.

He told a packed press conference in Westminster he was “proud of the U.K. asylum and immigration tribunal” for overturning the ban. He repeated his criticism of Muslim ideology and defended his call for the Qur’an to be banned in Holland.

His press conference was moved inside amid angry scenes, with about 20 protesters chanting “Wilders go to hell” and holding placards saying “Sharia for the Netherlands” and “Islam will conquer Europe.”

One of the protesters, 23-year-old Abu Ilyas, said that “Islam does seek to conquer Europe.… What’s so bad about that?”

British Muslims, who number about two million, are divided on how best to deal with him. Some support the government’s ban, while others argue it has been counterproductive.

Britain’s attempt to ban Mr. Wilders seemed to just add fuel to the fire.  The discussion following a CBC news report: Anti-Islamic Dutch MP Enters Britain is pretty indicative of the discussions I have seen on-line.  The violence against women and the complete disregard for women’s equal rights and the current legalized rape laws in Afghanistan and other Islam-governed countries, as well as the rapes that occur in other countries incite the most fear in countries as a whole, both men and women.  The legalization of rape and “ownership” of women purported to be an Islamic trait and evidenced in Muslim-governed countries speaks poorly for the future acceptance of Islam as respectable religious rule capable of fairly governing any citizenry.  Additionally, if other Islamic men are threatening to, and have raped, European and American women with apparent disregard for our laws, and the raping and pillaging of women generally starts wars, then what will be the consequence of these actions by Muslims that go unchallenged by other Muslims.  If there is a moderate voice in Islam that encourages and supports equal rights for men and women then let it be heard lest the only voice that shouts is that of a terror based Islam.

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